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This web site is designed to be a valuable source of information about Dunfermline for those living, working, and visiting the city. Inside you'll find everything from current events schedules to the city plans for the future. Listed below is a basic outline of the structure and content of this site.

General Information

The General Information section of the Dunfermline Web Site allows you to access Dunfermline's History, descriptions of the Regional Location and Setting, Population Characteristics, Economic Activities, Community Services, City Services and Housing Characteristics.

City Government

In the City Government section of the Dunfermline Web Site, you may access information which will allow you to Meet the Council, search through the City Directory, have a look at Fife's finest the Fife Constabulary, study the City Long Range Plans, read City Announcements, Agendas then connect to other Quick Local Government Links.


The Education section of the Dunfermline Web Site, will provide you with information on Lauder Technical College, it will allow you to browse the list of Dunfermline School addresses, and theDunfermline area Libraries are listed, as are other Dunfermline historic places, we provide information where to find addresses and phone listing on Dunfermline Shopping, the Dunfermline Public Parks including Recreation facilities, and we allow access to the Youth Resources , sponsored by the the Fife Direct on line link.

Visitors Information

The Dunfermline Web Pages has a Visitors Information section which gives you the latest information on the City's Hotel Accommodation, places for Dining, or Fast food snacking, aso includes where to go for Entertainment, Shopping, and information on Points of Interest, and the local business community.

Travel Information

This section covers directions and information on the location of Bus and Railway Stations in Dunfermline Local buses and trains from Dunfermline are available for travel to the towns and villages of Fife. See our Information Page for a wealth of information regarding Dunfermline business environment and services available to Dunfermline locals, visitors, and Fife traders.

Business Resources

The Business Resources section of the Dunfermline Web Site by courtesy of www.Dunfermlineonline.net will lead you to a listing over 2,000 businesses, we list the various Directory listings in the Yellow Pages, to the phone listings by British Telecom for the Fife area , and to the Web pages of the Scottish Parliament.

Community Resources

The Community Resources section allows you access to Dunfermlines Local Events Calendar courtesy of The Dunfermline Herald and Post, we have a listing of Clubs and Organizations also have a look at theFife Direct Link for Jobs, Training and Assessment. Here too you can link to the Travel Resources Directory, information on Transportation, enjoy browsing through the Visitors Information on Dining, then on to Shopping,and a wee look at where Education, is King, then browse the Scottish Community Links.

Jobs and Employment

This section will allow you to access the information from the Fife Jobs Centres and where job posting and job matching is available.

Business Development

This section links directly to the City of Dunfermline Business Development home page, offering a wealth of information on the Dunfermline business environment and on services available to Dunfermline and Fife businesses.


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