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Tunes of Ireland

"Behind the Haystack"

"Devils Delight"

"Draught of Ale"

"Eleanor Kane"

"Frost is all Over"

"Father O'Flyn Jig"

"Gallagher's Frolic's"

"Gander in the Pratiehole"

"Ger the Rigger"

"Gravel Walk"

"Hare in the Corn"

"Buttermilk Mary"

"Harper's Frolic"

"Haste to the Wedding"

"Kathleen Hehir"

"Salmon's Tail up the Water "

"Short Grass"

"Sligo Maid"

"Speed the Plough"

"Spey in Spate"

"Strayaway Child"

"Swallow's Tail Reel"


"Tar Road to Sligo"

"Teviot's Bridge"

"Tina's Schottiche"

Tunes of Ireland

"Tongs by Fire"

"Tripping up the Stairs"

"Trip to Windsor"

"Uncle Henry's Reel"

"Walsh's reel"

"Willie Coleman's Jig"

"Coleraine's Jig"

"Whelan's Jig"

"Whiskey before Breakfast"

"Wind that shakes the Barley"

"Winter Ducks"

"Wise Maid"

"Wonder Hornpipe"

"Baby Brat"

"Billy In The Lowground"

"Black Reel #5"

"The Boys of Ballysodare"

"Congress Reel"


"Cherish the Ladies"

"Cottage in the Grove"

"Dingle Regatta"

"Drowsy Maggie"

"The Drunken Landlady"

"Tom Ward's Downfall"

"Rose of Tralee"

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