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Tunes of Scotland

"Amazing Grace"

"Twentythird Psalm"

"Green Hills of home"


"Yea Banks and Brea's"



"Mist Covered Isle"

"Piper of Dundee"

"Thurston Woods"

"Moshuil my love"


"John O Cope"

"Highland Fling"


"Tis a far Cooling "

"A Medley of tunes"

"Flow gently sweet Afton"

"Jessie the flower of Dunblane"

"Bonnie Annie Laurie"

"The Campbells are coming"


"Flora McDonald"



"Auld Lang Syne"

Tunes of Scotland


"Flowers of the Forest"

"Skye Boat"

"Scotland the Brave"

"Isle of Skye"

"Hieland Laddie"

"Scottish Soldier"

"Will ye no Come back again"


"There was a Sweet Lass"

"Blue bonnets"

"White Cockade"

"Cock of the North"


"Cumberland Maid"


"A Medley of tunes"

"Circassian Circle"

"Barley Corn"

"Hen March to the Midden"

"Mary of Argyle"

"Kelvin Grove"

"My Love is like a Red Red rose"

"Lassie will you go"

"Banks of Loch Lomond"

"Auld Lang Syne"

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